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Our Expertise

We have specialized in the production of high-quality components for exclusive shop, interior and yacht construction.
Fechner Edelstahl has existed since 1981 and we have made a name for ourselves in the German and European interior design industry.

Components from our house can be found in luxury shops such as Balenciaga, MAC and Harrods or on numerous yachts worldwide.
We pay particular attention to the individual surfaces and finishing processes of stainless steel and brass.

Harrods lighter.001.jpeg
Fechner Edelstahl x Yacht Interiors

For more than 40 years we have constantly strived to expand and perfect our craft, know-how and skills.

From work for exclusive shops, private residences and cruise ships to the level of components for luxury yachts. 

Our team of highly qualified employees has unparalleled expertise in the processing of stainless steel. We only use the most modern techniques and tools to ensure that every single piece is executed to perfection.

Steeldeluxe by Fechner

Our quest for perfection and our ambition to create and be able to do more inspired us to create our own line of luxury outdoor furniture. 

Our own line of luxury outdoor furniture is the result of our continuous pursuit of perfection and our ambition to offer the best products on the market. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers a wide range of stylish and durable outdoor furniture that perfectly suits their lifestyle and needs.


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